The WU-CDTR is the intellectual home to an outstanding network of investigators who conduct research on the root causes of diabetes inequities, informed by social determinants of health.

Podcast: Ross Brownson on The Path to Public Health Transformation

Podcast: Ross Brownson on The Path to Public Health Transformation (Links to an external site)

Health Affairs‘ Editor-in-Chief Alan Weil interviews WU-CDTR Associate Director, Dr. Ross Brownson of Washington University on his recent paper that details the path towards a transformed public health system and how a focus on social determinants of health and partnerships with diverse sectors can help overcome challenges in the current system.

Culturally Sensitive Healthcare: Insights and Recommendations from Indigenous Patient Experiences

Patient experiences with their healthcare provider can have a significant impact on their view of all healthcare services. Factors such as the quality of care delivered, administrative practices, and underlying biases in physician training can all shape a patient’s experience with healthcare services. For Indigenous patients, a history of policies that forced assimilation and cultural […]