The Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Core (AI Core) represents a significant step forward in the WU-CDTR’s mission to advance the next generation of diabetes translation research.

Core Team

Ruopeng  An, PhD

Ruopeng An, PhD

Core Director: AI and Data Science Core | Associate Professor at the Brown School of Washington University in St. Louis

Led by Dr. Ruopeng An and his team, the AI Core is designed to empower our affiliated researchers with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to to navigate the evolving landscape of AI and data science.

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Core Services

  • Provide one-on-one consultative services on the use of AI and data science analytic methods in diabetes translation research.
    • Tailored meetings to strategize the integration of AI and data science into diabetes research projects, grant proposals, and academic publications.
    • Guidance on selecting appropriate AI/data science methodologies, crafting sections of proposals that detail these methods, and demonstrating their potential impact.
  • Provide technical assistance on the use of novel AI and data science tools in diabetes translation research among WU-CDTR investigators.
    • Technical assistance in applying AI/data science technologies in research projects, including data management, analysis, and interpretation.
    • Expert advice on incorporating AI elements into academic writing and the development of tools for research dissemination and application.
  • Build team capacity in the skills essential for the use of AI and data science in diabetes translation research. Opportunities include:

Schedule an initial consultation or in-depth core support using our core service request form.

Online Toolkits and Resources

For more tools and resources from the AI Core, visit AIcademe.