Regional and National Resource Partners

Council on Black Health,

The Council on Black Health seeks to have a significant impact on health in Black communities through collaboration, discovery, and innovation. Formerly known as the African American Collaborative Obesity Research Network (AACORN), the Council builds on AACORN’s 15-year legacy of developing and distributing information about ways to improve the health status of Black Americans. The Council is buoyed by its dedicated members, located in 22 U.S. communities and is led by its founder, Dr. Shiriki Kumanyika, and Executive Director, Dr. Melicia Whitt-Glover.

The National Resource Core Solutions to Diabetes in Black Americans is made possible through collaboration with the Council on Black Health.

University of Missouri, Columbia

The Health Management and Informatics Department at the University of Missouri School of Medicine is a regional resource to WU-CDTR investigators working to advance the development and application of healthcare informatics in translational diabetes research. This partnership provides investigators access to a statewide network of health care sites and extension centers, including the Missouri Telehealth Network. Dr. Edurado Simoes is Chair of the Health Management and Informatics Department.

The Center’s collaboration with the University of Missouri supports the WU-CDTR Regional Resource Core Health Informatics in Diabetes Research.