Membership is available to full-time faculty who have a professional interest in conducting translational research in diabetes, are supportive of the mission of our Center, and would benefit from core services.

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Membership Benefits

As a WU-CDTR member, you will gain:

Support from national experts in the field of diabetes translation

  • Request one-on-one consultations and core services with our core leads on study design and grant proposals related to diabetes research

Access to a library of resources and funding opportunities

  • Utilize the Center’s library of resources related to study design and grant and manuscript development.
  • Share and receive news about member activities; upcoming events and funding opportunities through a monthly e-newsletter

Access to a library of resources and funding opportunities

  • Apply for pilot and feasibility funding
  • Join in in the Center’s enrichment activities including manuscript development events, proposal workshops, and informational webinars and speaker events.

Professional connections

  • Extend professional contacts with investigators from many different fields through the Center’s regional and national partners
Membership Criteria

Full membership:

Associate membership

  • Full-time academic members at or affiliated with WUSTL, the University of Missouri at Columbia, the Council on Black Health at Drexel University, or the National Congress of American Indians.
  • New faculty (within first 5 years of first faculty appointment) who are developing new diabetes translation research programs and submitting for outside funding.
  • Current recipients of pilot and feasibility awards.

Membership Obligations
  • WU-CDTR members are expected to be regular, active participants in Center sponsored activities
  • Comply with NIH Public Access policy when they have benefited from Center services
  • Assist the Administrative Core with tracking of career trajectory and scientific outputs
  • Full members are expected to review pilot and feasibility applications for projects that align with their expertise