The Solutions to Diabetes in Black Americans core provides methodological and content expertise to advance the field of diabetes research in Black Americans through a partnership with the Council on Black Health.

Core Services

  • Rapid reviews and topic suggestions to support CDTR research
  • Provide reviews in writing, supplemented with individual consultations, to investigators during the study development process
  • Development and evaluation of obesity and diabetes prevention interventions with greater specificity and salience for black Americans
  • Consultation on relevant theoretical and conceptual models to inform study design, measurement, and analysis
  • Advise on selection of measures for individual and contextual assessments to support individual studies and improve the ability to compare across studies
  • Consultation on research addressing food marketing tactics that are deterrents to obesity and diabetes prevention and control in black communities
  • Participate in Center sponsored Next Steps events designed to connect and catalyze investigators to share ideas, form collaborative teams, and develop innovative approaches that advance translational research to eliminate diabetes disparities.

Core Lead