Call for Abstracts/Proposals

NIH Mock Study Section: Call for Abstracts

Abstracts for the ICTS NIH Mock Study Sections are due on March 25th, 2019!

The event is designed to simulate an actual NIH study section, through the Research Development Program. These review sessions for clinical and translational R, K, and F series grant applications are held twice annually, in April and December. The purpose of this program is to increase the likelihood of grant funding success by providing comprehensive, study section-like feedback to applicants on their complete grant application prior to grant submission.

In the MSS, designated co-chairs manage the discussion and three faculty reviewers discuss their feedback on the individual grant application. Initial scores are given prior to the discussion, and final scores are given after the panel discussion is complete in accordance with the NIH or other funding agency scoring procedures. The entire review committee scores each individual application; written feedback is assembled as a Summary Statement and released to applicants prior to the NIH grant deadline. This unique experience helps applicants better understand how their grant applications are reviewed by the NIH, which ultimately boosts the quality of grant submissions.

To date, over 40% of participants that have submitted their applications to the NIH have been funded.

Observers are encouraged to attend the Mock Study Section to get a better understanding of the review process and to gain insight into how reviewers evaluate applications. Contact if you wish to attend a MSS as an observer.