Min Soon Kim, PhD

"Improving Diabetes Self-management via Personalized Education: A User-Centered Mobile Application Based Strategy"

This proposal aims to conduct a formative research to develop a mobile app-based intervention for diabetic patients at UMHC. This research will lead to an Experimental Trial to test the Intervention Effect on diabetes management by patients. Aim 1: To develop a patient-centered mobile diabetes self-management education application Following a UCD process, the team will develop a mobile app on an iPad device (iOS platform) for diabetes patients who are 50 and older. UCD process considers the needs, wants, and limitations of patients at each stage of the design process. These stages involve 5-10 elder patients and providers throughout the processes: (a) user needs analysis, (b) algorithm development, and (c) cyclical prototype design and development. The team will conduct an iterative assessment of user experience to refine the design of the app for maximal user acceptance. Aim 2: To measure patients’ experience, acceptance, and intervention effect of the mobile application.

Min Soon Kim, PhD – Assistant Professor, University of Missouri