Amy McQueen, PhD

"Examining Unmet Basic Needs and Healthcare Gaps Among Medicaid Beneficiaries with Type 2 Diabetes"

The project proposes a basic needs-focused navigation intervention designed to resolve needs to improve health behaviors and health outcomes among adults with type 2 diabetes, compared to usual care. This pilot will gather data needed to secure funding for an R01 application to NIDDK. This study will demonstrate our ability to identify type 2 diabetics from clinical data within a Medicaid managed care population, reach them by phone, and engage them in research. Further, data collected in this pilot study will allow us to better describe the unmet basic needs and healthcare gaps in this population and interest in navigation that will inform the final design and expected effect sizes of the future trial. This project has 3 major aims: 1) Identify and characterize the type 2 diabetes “profile;” 2) identify and characterize their unmet basic needs; and 3) associations between unmet basic needs and measures of the diabetes “profile.”

Amy McQueen, PhD- Associate Professor of Medicine, Washington University in St. Louis