The Health Informatics in Diabetes Research core aims to expand the use of state-of-the-art health informatics methods; advance the means of managing, analyzing, and extracting information from large, heterogeneous data sets to accelerate the progress of translational diabetes research, discovery and informatics; and increase the capacity for use of health informatics in diabetes research.

Core Services

  • Provide rapid reviews citing diabetes prevention and control gaps in need of health informatics in diabetes research support
  • Provide a library of promising translational research diabetes interventions using eHealth/mHealth technologies
  • Consultation on how to create, manage, and maintain complex data sets created by the explosion of big data and instruments
    • For example: longitudinal, and/or distributed data sets generated from instruments, sensors, internet transactions, email, video, click streams, other digital sources
  • Promote access to and expert consultation on use of new data analytic tools and algorithms to facilitate scalable, accessible, and sustainable data infrastructure
  • Lead webinars for to further the use of informatics relevant to translational diabetes research
  • Participate in Center sponsored Next Steps events designed to connect and catalyze investigators across to share ideas, form collaborative teams, and develop innovative approaches that advance translational research to eliminate diabetes disparities.

The Health Informatics in Diabetes Research Core is made possible through a partnership with the University of Missouri Department of Health Management and Informatics. Learn more on our partners page

Core Leads