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Dr. Kumanyika recognized as one of the most influential health promotion female scholars

Dr. Shiriki Kumanyika, WU-CDTR SDBA Core Lead, is among one of ten women identified as the most influential female scholars in the field of health promotion. Additional women honored in this article include; Drs. Andrea Gielen, Leslie B. Hammer, Peggy A. Hannon, Sara Johnson, Michelle C. Kegler, Laura A. Linnan, Keshia Pollack Porter, Anastasia M. Snelling, and Glorian Sorensen. Although Health Promotion is a profession that is dominated largely by women, women still face more obstacles when it comes to reaching the top of their profession than their male counterparts. This is especially true in the academic world. The purpose of this article is to recognize the contributions of women in the health promotion profession who are currently making strides in improving the health of individuals and communities. Several of these scholars were personally selected by Paul E. Terry (PhD), based on their research and others were recommended by other top researchers.