Conference Opportunities

Dissemination & Implementation Stats Solutions Symposium

February 4, 2019 from 8AM to 4PM at Taylor Avenue Building, Doll & Hill, Medical Campus

This Symposium seeks to address the unique challenges of cutting-edge research designs. D&I science requires novel designs. Rigorous analysis of the data yielded by these designs necessitates advanced statistical tools which are lacking in many training programs. At this Symposium, we will bring together a set of national and local experts in these innovative designs to fill that gap for an audience of Washington University statisticians and D&I scientists.

The event will consist of a series of brief seminars, a discussion panel, and individual consultation sessions. Seminars may cover a variety of topics, including:
• Hybrid designs
• Stepped wedge designs
• Adaptive/SMART designs
• Designs for small ns/pilot projects in implementation science
• Power calculations for D&I designs
• Analytic strategies for advanced designs
• Internal and external validity

Featured Speakers

Daniel Almirall, PhD, University of Michigan

Jacob Bor, ScD, Boston University

Esther Lu, PhD, Washington University in St. Louis

J.D. Smith, PhD, Northwestern University

Lunch will be provided.


This event is open to Washington University staff and faculty and free to attend. Contact Hope Withrow at to RSVP and to inquire about consultation opportunities.


Parking available in the Clayton Avenue Garage (map Brown 62). Parking permit reciprocity for Danforth Campus yellow, red, and Eliot permits in the Clayton Avenue Garage.

Event Sponsors: Dissemination and Implementation Research Core and the Center for Dissemination and Implementation