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Call for Papers: Promotion of Health and Wellness in Early Childhood Settings

Manuscript Submission Deadline: October 1, 2024

Dr. Dianne Stanton Ward’s immeasurable impact on countless lives throughout her distinguished career is a testament to her role as both a visionary leader and an exceptionally dedicated collaborator. Her ambition, dependability, and innovative thinking not only defined her character, but also laid the foundation of her pioneering research in the domains of early childhood nutrition and physical activity. These qualities facilitated her unique ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice, effectively translating her research into actionable solutions that have profoundly reshaped the landscape of early childhood health. 

Childhood Obesity is soliciting high quality manuscripts from leaders in the field of early childhood nutrition, physical activity and childhood obesity prevention. In alignment with Dr. Ward’s commitment to education and developing the future generation of researchers, we especially encourage at least one author to be a student or trainee who has played a significant role in the overall research. Special consideration will be given to “first author” student work. We will consider a range of article formats, including both empirical and review papers, as well as articles with a basic or applied focus including practice and policy papers, and studies that span surveillance, measurement, intervention, and dissemination and implementation. We invite you to join us in celebrating Dr. Ward’s legacy by sharing your expertise.

Example topics:
•    Research on innovative interventions aimed at promoting healthy nutrition and physical activity or preventing obesity among young children in various settings, including schools, childcare centers, and homes.
•    Studies examining the impact of early child health programs and policies on reducing health disparities among children from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and ethnic groups.
•    Analysis of policies and initiatives at the local, national, and international levels that influence early childhood education and its impact on child health and development.
•    Investigations into the effects of screen time and technology use on the physical and mental health of young children, along with strategies for managing screen time.
•    Studies exploring the role of the physical environment, such as access to safe outdoor spaces and nutritious food, in shaping the health outcomes of young children.
•    Examination of the relationship between early childhood experiences, mental health, and overall well-being, and interventions to support positive mental health outcomes.
•    Evaluation of training programs and professional development initiatives for educators and childcare providers to enhance their ability to support child health and development.

Childhood Obesity is the only peer-reviewed journal that delivers actionable, real-world obesity prevention and weight management strategies for children and adolescents.

The Journal continues to be the premier journal that informs clinical care, supports health equity, influences public health and health care services, affects health policy change, and translates science advances across audiences, all to improve the physical and mental health of children, adolescents, and families affected by obesity.

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