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Artificial Intelligence Applications for Health Data Post-Master’s Certificate: Applications now open!

Applications are now open for the Post-Master’s Certificate in Artificial Intelligence Applications for Health Data at Washington University in St. Louis

The certificate is designed for professionals interested in modern AI technologies and seeking to apply AI tools to health and other “big data” in their work or research. Step by step, participants will build solid practical knowledge and hands-on skills to apply state-of-the-art machine and deep learning techniques to solve real-world problems in public health and beyond.

Selected machine learning topics: Python basics, classification & regression, model training & validation, support vector machines, decision trees, ensemble methods (e.g., random forest, XGBoost), dimensionality reduction techniques, and unsupervised learning models.

Selected deep learning topics: Neural network basics, computer vision, natural language processing, time series forecasting, recommender system, generative deep learning, and synthetic data generation.

Instructor: Ruopeng An, PhD, MPP, FACE
Associate Professor, Brown School, and WU-CDTR Member

Applications for this program will close on August 10, 2022.