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Tabak and PAT Continue Collaboration with 5-Year NIH Grant

This August, Dr. Rachel Tabak received a $3.3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to evaluate the impact of Healthy Eating and Active Living Taught at Home (HEALTH), a lifestyle modification intervention which addresses obesity and chronic disease prevention in young mothers.

Tabak, who serves as lead for the Dissemination and Implementation in Diabetes Research Core, partnered with Parents as Teachers (PAT) for this five-year project to disseminate and implement HEALTH. The intervention is designed with the goal of preventing weight gain, promoting sustained weight loss, and reducing waist circumference in young women. The project will incorporate aspects of physical activity and healthy eating from PAT’s curriculum and reach the study’s target population using PAT’s home-visiting structure.

 The five-year grant, “Disseminating & Implementing a Lifestyle Based Healthy Weight Program in a National Organization,” builds on findings from HEALTH to evaluate the dissemination and implementation of the intervention across three levels. This study’s findings will assess the impact of using HEALTH, an evidence-based intervention, in reducing the disproportionate burden of obesity and chronic diseases in young women.

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