The Policy and Systems Science Analysis in Diabetes Research core  advances the study of policy and system level interventions in translation research. The core addresses the large gap that exists between the ability of researchers to link policy and systems interventions to the outcomes and prevention of diabetes by providing services to assist in this process.

Core Services

  • Consultation on policy and systems science research designs and analytic methods
  • Consultation on the application of policy and systems science models suited to translational research in diabetes
  • Conduct workshops and webinars focusing on policy and systems analysis methods
  • Maintain a state of the art resource library of policy and systems science tools and datasets for CDTR investigators
    • Policy analysis toolkit
    • Datasets for policy analysis
  • Participate in Center sponsored Next Steps events designed to connect and catalyze investigators to share ideas, form collaborative teams, and develop innovative approaches that advance translational research to eliminate diabetes disparities

Core Leads