Administrative Core

Administrative Core

The Administrative Core provides leadership in setting the overall scientific direction of the CDTR. The goal of the core is to support a research base of investigators with the ability to evolve and incorporate new developments and changing scientific needs.

The Administrative Core aims to:

  • Coordinate, integrate, and oversee all CDTR components, including translational research cores, the Pilot and Feasibility Program, and the Enrichment Program
  • Organize and manage membership and committees
  • Coordinate communication with the research base, cores, committees, other centers, and NIH;
  • Manage the website
  • Oversee the use of ¬†funds
  • Evaluate ¬†activities and measures of success

Enrichment Program: The CDTR Enrichment Program comprises presentations, mentoring opportunities, and monthly member meetings. See our calendar of events for Enrichment Program activities.

Evaluation: In addition to yearly overall member satisfaction evaluations, the CDTR solicits feedback on core services from an ongoing evaluation available here: CDTR Survey.