The seven cores of the CDTR offer a range of services that support and enhance diabetes translation research for our members.

1. Administrative Core

  • Provides leadership for the Center, with the goal of providing support to a research base of investigators, with the ability to evolve and incorporate new developments and changing scientific needs

2. Dissemination and Implementation in Diabetes Research Core

  • Provides assistance in implementing, disseminating, and sustaining evidence-based approaches to eliminate disparities and translate diabetes prevention and control practices through integration in real-world settings

3. Health Communication and Health Literacy Core

  • Supports advancement in the study of health communication and health literacy in diabetes translational research aiming to reduce diabetes disparities

4. Health Informatics in Diabetes Research Core

  • Provides health informatics expertise to researchers pursuing strategies related to eHealth, mHealth and big data analytics

5. Policy and Systems Science Analysis in Diabetes Research Core

  • Enhances the ability of researchers to link policy and systems interventions to diabetes outcomes and prevention

6. Research Partnerships with American Indian/Alaska Native Communities Core 

  • Addresses the unique challenges of indigenous-focused research and provides culturally specific services through partnership with the National Congress of American Indians

7. Solutions to Diabetes in Black Americans Core

  • Works to advance the field of diabetes research in Black Americans by providing methodological and content expertise to disparities research