Ana Baumann, PhD

"Healthy, Energetic, Parent Intervention Program (HEPIP)"

This study had two aims: 1) to adapt the PMTO intervention by embedding activities related nutrition and activity behaviors during the sessions. We will use the Ecological Validity Model42 to guide the adaptation of the PMTO intervention manual to incorporate tasks related to diet, physical activity and screen time, 2) to examine the feasibility and acceptance of embedding activities related to nutrition and activity behaviors in the PMTO intervention. Four groups of pro-bono parents (parents that will be part of the intervention without receiving compensation other than the intervention itself), with a minimum of five parents per group (N= 20 families), from four states (Missouri, Utah, Michigan and Minnesota), will be exposed to PMTO intervention. Feasibility will be assessed by tracking attendance of parents in the sessions and
acceptance will be examined via semi-structured interviews with the parents and therapists.
The outcome of this project will be the adaptation of an evidence-based parent intervention to include health tasks with the goal of engaging families to foster children’s healthy weight development. This study directly addresses the purpose and goals of PA-15-163, in that it aims to accelerate the development of effective interventions for prevention of overweight or obesity among children.

Ana Baumann, PhD – Research Assistant Professor, Brown School, Washington University in St. Louis