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As one of eight NIDDK-funded Centers for Diabetes Translation Research, the Washington University CDTR focuses on translating interventions that have demonstrated efficacy into real-world healthcare settings, communities, and populations at-risk, leveraging in this effort the immense scientific resources of multiple NIH and other funded centers relevant to the prevention of Type 2 diabetes at Washington University.

Our Mission is to eliminate disparities in diabetes by translating, disseminating, implementing, and sustaining evidence-based research findings into real-world settings. We are the intellectual home to investigators conducting rigorous diabetes translational research focused around two interacting scientific themes:

    1. The root causes of diabetes and disparities;
    2. The prevention of obesity as a major contributing cause of Type 2 diabetes.

Our themes reflect the work of a growing group of investigators who are leaders in defining innovations in translational research and have been active in addressing the multilevel causes of obesity and diabetes in at-risk communities. The Center has evolved as a network of networks, with regional links through the University of Missouri, Columbia and national links through the National Congress of American Indians and the African American Collaborative Obesity Research Network.  As a result of this growing network, the CDTR fosters transdisciplinary collaborations, catalyzes new ideas, and ensures support for the translational research that finds solutions for complex problems in real-world settings.