The Health Communication and Health Literacy core advances the study of health communication science to test strategies for addressing health disparities in diabetes prevention and control. The purpose of the core is to support CDTR investigators in advancing the study of health communication and health literacy in diabetes translational research aiming to reduce diabetes disparities.

Core Services

  • Consultation in developing impactful messages and selecting appropriate messengers and channels for diabetes information and outreach in manuscripts, grants and research, including assuring cultural appropriateness, personal relevance, wide reach and minimizing stigma
  • Assistance with outreach, engagement and recruiting priority populations, especially outside healthcare settings
  • Application of health literacy best practices to assure evidence-based programs and materials are easy to understand and use by priority populations
  • Assistance with the Health Literacy INDEX – a comprehensive health literacy assessment tool that helps researchers assess health literacy levels of target populations and to develop/improve materials
  • Access to online tools  to increase minority recruitment to diabetes clinical trials and other research
    • For example: MIYO an online tool to create customized health materials (e.g., posters, reminder cards, brochures), Visit MIYO website;
  • Assist in developing strategic community partnerships to increase reach of evidence-based diabetes interventions to underserved populations.
  • Participation in Next Steps events designed to connect and catalyze investigators to share ideas, form collaborative teams, and develop innovative approaches that advance translational research to eliminate diabetes disparities.

For more information on Dr. Kreuter and Caburnay’s Health Communication Research Laboratory, visit their website.

Core Leads