The Research Partnerships with American Indian/Alaska Native Communities core addresses the unique challenges of indigenous peoples-focused research and increases the capacity of CDTR investigators to address the root causes of diabetes disparities.This is done through a partnership with the Policy Research Center at the National Congress of American Indians and our AI/AN members across the country.

Core Services

  • Consultation on tools for investigators and AI/AN communities to engage in effective research partnerships for conducting translational research in diabetes prevention and control
  • Host webinars and Works-in-Progress meetings on tribal history and research for key partners and CDTR investigators working with AI/AN communities
  • Networking opportunities between CDTR investigators, the IHS, data coordinators for the Special Diabetes Program for Indians, and Tribal Epidemiology Centers across the nation
  • Engage Native and non-Native policy experts and tribal leadership in the identification of “winnable” policy objectives in Indian Country that bear importantly on Native diabetes disparities
  • Access to ‘real time’ natural policy experiments occurring in Indian Country that have potential to reduce AI/AN diabetes disparities
  • Coordinate access to tribal and urban Indian diabetes data with key partners (e.g., national Indian Health Service (IHS), state, and county health entities)
  • Technical assistance in developing culturally appropriate study methods, measures, and procedures for translational research
  • Participate in Center sponsored Next Steps events that bring together CDTR investigators to address research questions of key importance to AI/AN communities and inform real-world approaches to prevent racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic disparities associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus and obesity

Core Leads