/ SDBA Webinar: The Power to Be Well

SDBA Webinar: The Power to Be Well

February 23, 2023
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

What Works to support Lasting Change for Nutrition + Physical Activity in Black Americans?

Webinar Description: You’ve planned and executed the perfect behavioral intervention to promote health and participants responded! But six months later, long-term post-intervention follow-up data shows that participants’ behaviors have returned to baseline (or below). What happened? The evidence for strategies to sustain post-intervention health-related behaviors is inadequate. However, there are success stories – some people manage to maintain healthy behaviors over long periods. If we can understand the factors that are associated with long-term maintenance of health behaviors, we can create stronger interventions that result in lasting change. 

This session will provide insights from research and practice that reflect the voices of Black Americans. What can we learn from Black Americans who have successfully maintained healthy eating and physical activity behaviors long term (>6 months)? How can those lessons be incorporated into intervention strategies focused on promoting health and reducing health disparities?

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