CDTR Members Present at 2018 ADA Scientific Session

The American Diabetes Association will be hosting the 78th Annual Scientific Session June 22-26th in Orlando, Florida. Conference participants will have the opportunity to engage in daily scientific sessions, member interest group meetings, networking opportunities, and over 2,000 posters displaying current research methods.

Several members of Washington University CDTR and the Diabetes Research Center (DRC) will be presenting at the ADA conference — a summary of the presentations and posters can be found below. For more information, please see the advance program here.

CDTR/DRC Members presenting include:

Rachel Tabak, invited speaker.  (June 2018). Moving Past the Randomized Controlled Trial―Understanding the Need for Implementation Science in Diabetes Care, “Scale Up, Spread, and Sustainability of Diabetes Prevention Programs“. 12pm EST on Sunday, June 24.

Fumihiko Urano.  (June 2018). Mechanistic Insights from Rare Conditions and Opportunities for Novel Therapeutics, “Wolfram Syndrome and Wolfram Spectrum Disorder”. 4:30pm EST on Monday, June 25.

CDTR/DRC Members presenting poster sessions include:

Todd Cade. (June 2018). Acute Resistance Exercise Improves Postprandial Lipid Metabolism in Men with Obesity and Prediabetes.

Amy Clark. (June 2018). Targeting Cellular Calcium Homeostasis to Prevent Beta Cell Death in Type 1 Diabetes.

Brian Fink. (June 2018). 2) Identification and Characterization of a Novel Insulin-Sensitizer to Treat Diabetes and Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis.

Brian Fink. (June 2018).  Identification of Mitochondrial Pyruvate Carrier Modulators to Treat Diabetes.

Cynthia Herrick. (June 2018). Diabetes, Prevalence of Gestational Diabetes and Preexisting Type 2 Diabetes in a 10-Year Multistate Hospital Discharge Cohort.

Paul Hruz. (June 2018). Isoform-Selective Targeting of Facilitative Glucose Transporters with Small Molecule Inhibitors.

Jing Hughes. (June 2018). Hidden Epidemic: Half of Type 1 Diabetes is Diagnosed in Adulthood.

Janet B. McGill. (June 2018). Contemporary Prevalence of Diabetic Neuropathy in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D): Findings from the T1D Exchange.

Janet B. McGill. (June 2018). 2) Risk Factors for Adverse Kidney Disease Outcomes in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).

Maria S. Remedi. (June 2018). Mechanisms Underlying the Progressive Loss Of β-Cell Function and Mass in Neonatal Diabetes Are Reverted by Dapagliflozin.

Rachel Tabak.  (June 2018). Evidence-Based Interventions to Control Diabetes by Local Health Departments in the United States Scale Up, Spread, and Sustainability of Diabetes Prevention Programs.